[APPROVED] Flapjack Cogs

Discord Name: Flapjack Cogs

GitHub Repository (Must be V3): https://github.com/flapjax/FlapJack-Cogs

Description: Flapjack’s Cogs for v3.

This is sort of a special case. I am applying for an approved status on this repo as I am the current maintainer of these cogs. Flap has asked that I keep them on his repo/profile, as I offered to move them to aikaterna-cogs when we were working on detailing responsibilities and how we want to handle this repo together. Whether Flapjack receives the cog creator role after approval or not is sort of up in the air to me as a QA member, as he is not really actively maintaining the repo himself.

The main point of this application is to have the reactpoll cog available for users as an approved cog. I am more than willing to take any changes mentioned or needed for other cogs on this repo though, and am certainly not asking for approval just based on reactpoll.

Thanks for looking.


Hi Aikaterna and Flapjack, thank you for your patience while I review your repo.

Commit hash at time of review - a9fad5c9aaee518e82fb0bb6c1c98a83624489e5

All info.json


  • Keys are no longer all upper case and are instead all lower case.



  • you import os but it is never used.(Optional)



  • you import os but it is never used.(Optional)



  • you import os but it is never used.(Optional)

Overall I found no major issues in these cogs. However, the info.json on all the files are still using the old V2 scheme of all upper case keys when V3 moved to lowercase. Once those are fixed up I’ll be happy to mark this repo as approved.

Hi Trusty, thanks for your time in reviewing this. I have addressed these issues in https://github.com/flapjax/FlapJack-Cogs/commit/257bcac92dfe27828681c0f7f9cd0600a989a70f .

Thanks for making those changes. Marking this as approved!