[Approved] Fixator10-Cogs

Discord Name: Fixator10#7133

GitHub Repository (Must be V3): https://github.com/fixator10/Fixator10-Cogs/tree/V3

Description: Different cogs with different usage

adminutils - commands thats copies, or extends discord interface admin features: server member purge, massnick, emoji management.
datautils - get data about bot’s objects (members, servers, channels, emojis, etc).
generalchannel - allow users of channel to edit #general or whatever it is named channel’s name and topic.
godvilledata - allow users to check data about godville.com and godvillegame.com gods and characters
minecraftdata - allow users to get data about some minecraft-related data (skin, nick history, etc)
moreutils - just some useful utils
personalroles - assign member a personal role, that member can edit (change name or color)
steamcommunity - get steamcommunity-related data
translators - Yandex.Translate, leet and something more…
weather - get current weather and forecast via darksky.net

Hello Fixator, I’ll be working on reviewing your repo and will leave my findings/comments here when I have that ready for you.

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Hello again, I’ve got some items for you to take a look at when you have some time.

General suggestion - info.jsons could also include information about what permissions are requested/used in the cog under a “permissions” key - not required for this application though.

Massnick can be spammed, a cooldown of sorts should be added or the bot could get locked up via nick edit rate limits for quite a while.

Less concerning is that resetnicks can be spammed as well, but with less impact on the bot.

On the emoji add command, it will not accept roles with a space in them and will only consider the first word as the role name input

Godville - you may want to specify that the godville base command is RU and the godvillegame command is for EN, as EN is the default language for cogs - in either the install message or the help for the command.

Yandex-translate doesn’t exist as a pip pkg that I can see, it seems to be yandex.translate instead, the info.json should be updated for the proper lib.

Multiple words passed for the city only catch the first word

No return in info about state or location - a search for “Portland” doesn’t say if it’s in Oregon or Maine. Is there anything else in the API that’s returned that could clarify things like that more?

The bold formatter you’ve used does not seem to work on 7d forecasts as it prints the **’s instead

Good things:

Nice to see decorators based on bot’s permissions, provides a nicer user experience (except when someone might be confused why a command is missing when the bot doesn’t have permissions)
Glad to see Red’s chat formatting and predicates in use
You seem to be pretty up to date/aware of new things in discord.py
I didn’t go too in-depth on the leveler cog as I am very familiar with the v2 version and I also have a fork of your repo where I have modified your version myself. Thank you for porting this and addressing some of the problems that have existed for a long time on the v2 version.

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Added 1 minute per-guild cooldown

Emoji add and emoji edit now has examples of usage in help, mentioning usage of doublequotes if role has spaces in name.

It seems to be pip is able to install the same package as yandex_translate and as yandex.translate, but anyway changed it to ..


Added this, if API provides this information for location, it will be shown now.

Thanks for working on all these points. I’m closing this and marking your repo as approved. It may be a little bit before you see all the Cog Creator benefits, so if you are missing anything after a couple of days please feel free to DM me.