[APPROVED] Crossedfall's SS13-Cogs Application

Discord Name: Crossedfall#1001

GitHub Repository (Must be V3):

Description: Currently sporting two cogs (less than the recommended 3, I know) which aim to help server hosts better manage their ss13 communities. Their primary focuses are to obtain round/world information, provide administrative notifications, and allow quick and easy access to player notes.


  • These cogs do require some type of SS13 backend. Namely, a MySQL server which was configured with the proper schema and a server/codebase which has the appropriate subsystems implemented. Information and relevant code snippets are provided within my README.

  • The status cog will act as a listening server shortly after it is loaded. Meaning remote data will be sent to and handled by the cog and proper port forwarding will be required.

  • The initial setup for the status cog is fairly involved (see the first consideration). As such, I will be happy to provide a testing environment if needed to QA my application.

  • The info.json install message for each of these cogs should contain a link to readme regarding the setup of these cogs.

  • You’re setting serv, antispam, statusmsg, and newroundmsg in the class, SS13Status, as globals. Is there a reason these cannot be instance variables instead?

  • In your readme, you should specify which version of the mysql server they should use. There is some variation in cross platform support depending on the version. Probably best to use 8.0, but 5.7 is probably ok.

While you do only have two cogs and it’s fairly niche, I think that they are involved enough to warrant an application.

Updated the info.json and the readme.

Edit: On the global variables, I see what you mean now. I think I can work that in.

All set I think.

After reviewing all the changes, I am approving your application for Cog Creator.

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