[APPROVED] Aikaterna-cogs

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Fun and utility cogs, usually ports of other bots/cogs or requests from other people.

Hey, everything in here looks good from the things we’re looking for here. Just so you know I did find a few non-disqualifying minor issues in dungeon.

Line 382 will break due to an undefined variable in your f-string . It’s in an event, so this is likely failing silently for most users.

Line 418 contains another undefined variable (in a modlog case creation). This is in the same event.

Both of these issues exist in portions of the code path which should not allow this to break anything else, but you are having some output suppressed in some cases.

I did not see any major issues while reviewing, and this is a :+1: from me.

This may seem like a long list, but it’s all really minor stuff.

The following cogs are not using Red’s commands:
away and it’s __init__
blurplefy and it’s __init__
chatchart and it’s __init__
Only PartyCrash’s __init__
Only RetroSign’s __init__
Only the pingtime cog.
seen and it’s __init__
Only wolfram’s __init__

Missing Doc Strings
Seen is missing a docstring for the class.
rndstatus group command missing a doc string.
retro sign class missing a doc string.
pingtime class missing a docstring.
Inspirobot class missing a docstring.
Blurplefy class missing a docstring.

away is using discord’s permissions and not Red’s permissions check for toggleaway

Optional non-disqualify
You are missing a tags key for your repo. Dunno if you want to add this or not for searching on cogs.red.
Short key is blank on dungeon’s info.json. Dunno if this was intended or not.
You’re passing context for the delay command in rndstatus. This is no longer necessary.
A lot of your cogs are passing bot in their setup, but sometimes it is never used, or could be replaced with ctx.bot

Thanks for the feedback, I’ve cleaned up what you both requested except for… Sinbad, on your second comment with the mod log creation, it will create a mod-log entry with a reason of “Dungeon auto-ban” so I’m not sure why you’re getting an undefined variable there.

The undefined variable is still there. The modlog cog is picking up from the audit log ban reason though.