Anti-Impersonation cog (PAID)

Looking for a cog which auto bans users which try to impersonate admin/ team member names as well as documents in a channel who tried to impersonate.
Would be great if I could add entire roles which usernames are protected from being used. In case someone takes one of the team members names = insta ban right after join as well as monitoring if someone changes the name afterwards.

Log Channel message should include infos like:
fabston#1948 has been removed from the server for impersonating fabston#0001

This is made to prevent scams. Often users impersonate a team members name (discord name, not nickname -thats already disabled) to gain trust and DMing other server members to scam them - and yes, sadly it works.

Discord Username: fabston#0001

Payment Information: negotiable - PayPal or Bitcoin

V2 only

If you have any further questions - just let me know!

Sinbad finished the job and did an amazing job! Thanks again!