Activity based giveaway/raffle

Discord username: blanket™#1244

Payment Information (Optional): Paypal ($20/Negotiable)

Description of Cog: I would like a cog to monitor activity in a specific channel and manage a raffle/giveaway based upon a specific set of rules.

An example of how I’d like the process to work: A channel is set up so that each day a question is asked (to promote activity/discussion in the server). Every time a user answers 5 or more questions during a week, they get 1 “entry” into the raffle. Raffles are done once a month and then all entries are wiped. Each of these values could be user managed (so the number of questions or “entries” per week could be modified, for example), but I’m fine with hard coding these values. Entries could be tracked with a command or keyword similar to retrigger, and limited with a 24 hour cooldown. I’m open to any solutions or suggestions on how to make this viable.