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You can’t see any channels other than the #home or #enter channel because you have the locked role that i’ve set up using autoroles.
In the #enter channel what i want to happen is:

you’re prompted to type ‘agree’.
Once someone types agree, they are asked a series of questions in that channel
every answer is compiled into one embeded post that is then outputted not in that channel but in the #applications channel for my staff to review.
if the staff reacts to the embeded post application with a check mark, the locked role is removed and they can see the rest of the server.

V2 or V3

API’s or other information

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC)

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i will pay 10 dollars for this cog

1 up this ^

I’m willing to pay max $20 for this if $10 isn’t enough.

I’d be willing to pick this up for $20 if the following are all acceptable:

  • This says for V2 or V3, I’d do it on V3
  • Either a configurable max response length per question or responding in multiple embeds if above the embed limit is okay.
  • I won’t be starting this until later tonight at the earliest, as I’m about to head out for a few.

If these all sound fine, let me know either here, or on Discord (Sinbad#0001) and I’ll put it together.

Could you do it for V2? I have some cogs that I’m pretty sure only work in V2, and I’m hesitant to switch to V3 worrying I might mess something up.

Hmm… Yeah, I could. The other 2 were non-negotiable, but I’ll handle it.

I won’t use v3 until it’s released and all of caleb’s cogs are ported over. i’d really only want this for v2

is this still being worked on? I could throw in some $ too when the month turns over.

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