[~$80] Auctioneer Of Sorts

Discord Username:
✮ Skylarr ✮#0001

Payment Information:
Hoping between 30-80$ but negotiable.

Description of Cog:
I need a cog which would serve as a “Auctioneer” of sorts. Its main or key functions would be:

  1. Reading/Copying or displaying the info from another bots Embeds.
  2. A command for people to place bids ie. (prefix)bid 100000 {auction ID}
  3. Keep track of bids for a set time period and keeping users updated on the current bid amount (It would be nice if it deleted the users bid after they posted it, to keep things clean and just displayed the current highest bid-optionally with or without a users name)
  4. Preferably done like the Ticketing cog ive seen on here, where each auction upon starting opened a new channel in a category called “Open Auctions” with the title of the auction as the channel name. Upon ending moves to a category called “Closed Auctions”.

Version: V3

API’s or other information

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC)

There is more i could think to add to this, but this should give a good idea of what im wanting.
This is to suppliment a very large bot and needs to be as clean as possible… Thank you in advance

I am interested in taking this bounty. Contacting you now.