[$5 USD] Reaction to message triggers announcement by bot

I host a discord group where software can be ‘detected’ by an Anti-Cheat. We have a status page of the current software showing if it is safe to use or not.

I am looking for cog which when I react to a message with a tick for safe or a cross to unsafe, the bot will announce in our #announce channel that the status has changed from safe to unsafe for instance.

An example of this currently being manually done is: https://ibb.co/55ZhQtH & https://ibb.co/GvJ1f51

Side note, the only two reactions I would like to trigger an announcement is the tick and the X as displayed in the screenshot(s)

My discord is Ник#0001 if you would like to chat.

Payment method is either Paypal or Bitcoin. v3 and no API required.

Updated discord TheRealKKona#0001

I was willing to take his bounty.

Just to say @RequeueTime no one would ever take it for 5$ but I was nice enough to do so.

I explained to him that I would do 50-50, first payment for starting it and the second one to send the files.

Also the buyer never explained to me when I was asking to discuss about it… Waiting for hours to get no responses and then get removed.

In case you really want it, your cog is ready so re-add me.

Here is our conversation : https://gyazo.com/5310fc19fed06e35a1d32e0fbb44f141