[$5] [Modify/Update] [V3] D&D Campaign Companion Cog Update

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Discord Username

Description of Cog
Updating this cog from Redbot V2 to Redbot V3, to act as a companion to a D&D campaign: https://github.com/JJW8071/dnd/blob/master/dnd/dnd.py In reference to permission, the cog is under the MIT License – allowing for Modification and Distribution.

The cog itself is fairly comprehensive, so no features really need to be added.

I don’t know much about converting V2 cogs to V3 cogs, but it seems like, from the documentation, that updating is quite developer friendly.

API’s or other information
Thankfully there are a few D&D API’s.
The program already does this for dnd5eapi, but if that fails there are alternatives.

Thanks for reading!