[35$] Some Cog Requests

5$ snipe cog, 15$ pfp cog, 15$ vm cog

for the community / my private bot


giftcards / whatever you desire.

I need a couple things done, actually. one, a snipe cog that retrieves deleted messages, edited messages, reactions, & images. like [p]snipe, [p]esnipe [p]rsnipe [p]isnipe, or in a better sense, it would retrieve deleted messages, edited messages& images with snipe. second, a pfp command. [p]pfp would pull from a folder located in the cogs directory, with whatever the category is, such as maybe girl would be the folder name & it would pull maybe 5 or so, in embeds, or preferably be using a scrapper or an api to pull images from pinterest. & lastly a cog like autoroom but with a interface like the first image shown

API’s or other information

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC)

Sent a DM to discuss this.