[$20] PUGs Cog - Quick Scrims with Opt In and Randomized Teams

Discord Username: AlexCraig#6900

Payment Information: $10-20 (split between on completion and before, open to further discussion)

Description of Cog:

Many servers run PUG-style tournaments for the community, allowing for quickly organized public games by allowing players to register ahead of time, randomly seed into teams, and output useful information to the organizer and players to help organize these.

The idea for this cog would be:

  1. A Staff Member (someone with the Mod / Admin roles) would open a lobby using a command like .pugstart.
  2. The bot would start listening (either through reactions, a simple .join command, etc) for players to join.
  3. After either a set amount of time or a Staff runs the .pugstop command, the bot would stop listening for new players to join and seed all the appropriate players into teams randomly.
  4. Using a command like .pugteams would output a list of all the players and their assigned team.
  5. At the end of a PUG, staff could run a command like .pugclear to clear all players and teams, resetting the bot for another run.

Throughout this process and cog, there are a lot of possible variables and expansions (amount of players allowed to join, amount of teams, how many per team, assign a role to players that join for easy pings, create voice channels, etc). However, I’d be perfectly content with a basic cog hardcoded with these options for now and open to talking about expanding / adding more features in the future through other paid updates / changes.

V2 or V3: V3

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC):

Opportunity for updates, changes, and further development at a paid rate / cost after initial completion.

Ideally, I’d appreciate this cog remain private / not publicly listed but am open to the possibility of release at the discussion with and discretion of the developer.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me on Discord or the CogBoards to further discuss. I’m very excited to meet and work with you!

As it happens I have a semi-private cog that already sounds quite similar to this, and I’m open to modifications for it. Unfortunately, I would not be able to fulfill the “private / unlisted” requirement due to the fact that I have others who rely on that cog already.

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