2 Cogs: Twitter & a Welcome pm 'when adding a redbot'

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Discord Username: Sasha#0007

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Since these are ‘all-round’ and public cogs and not a ‘private cog’ request, not sure… but will contribute if necessary $ depending

Description of Cogs:

1: Twitter Autotweet, to post when followed accts tweet, and to toggle off mentions, replies & retweets as those are usually over the top, and create a messy stream of ‘tweets’.

nb: have raised an ‘issue’ at trustys github, but of course that is not necessary for it to be completed, I appreciate that cog makers are driven by their own prereq’ and job load… it is however, a similar cog to his that is requested here.

2: A simple cog to ‘Welcome’ for people to using your Red Bot, when they add your bot, that would be customizable, with links etc, in pm to the owner of the guild where it was added. Embed style preferred.

At the moment I use the pm cog to do something similar.

Red V3

These are simple ideas, and if you wish to add to the request/bounty, feel free… I have a few RedBots though with low usage, must admit… TIA.

I have a cog called Join Message for joining new servers, it doesn’t PM them but it sends a configurable message to their general chat, system channel or first channel available

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Thanks, now how did I miss that ? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Sounds great, shall grab that, will work for now :100: