Discord Name: amateurgod

GitHub Repository (Must be V3): GitHub - Viking-Studios-Arma/VSCogs

Currently just contains VSMod (More to come in future)

a MOD/Utility Cog which adds banned word filtering (accepts a comma-separated list of words so you do not have to put them in one at a time, enabling easily migrating the list over from Dyno bot). with configurable options for auto-mute, auto-ban, auto-warn etc.

Adds some simple mod commands for warn, ban, mute etc., and adds a view warnings command which creates an embed with buttons to navigate and delete warnings.

Adds a suggest command similar to what Carlbot has to allow users to make suggestions and have those suggestions appear in a server admin set channel with an ability to vote on them with reactions.

Saves data to the Red Config API using the bots ID as its unique Identifier