Discord Name: RaamRaam#0349

GitHub Repository (Must be V3): GitHub - Khapra/Khapra-Cogs: Cogs for Red Discord Bot

Description: I only have one cog at the moment, RoleMemberLimit (Enforces a limit on the maximum number of users a role can be assigned to). I have tested the cog’s functionality and have tried my best to follow all the guidelines. Please let me know if any changes are needed to be made or any further info is required. Thank you.

With the release of 3.5, we are returning to reviewing Cog Creator applications.

Since 3.5 will break every cog that was not specifically coded with it in mind, you need to ensure your repo is updated to be compatible with 3.5 prior to a review being possible. The relevant documentation you will need to update your repo is the following: 2.0 migration:
-Red 3.5 breakages:

Once your repo is updated to support 3.5 on the default branch, please make a comment in this thread to confirm you are once again ready for review. We will only be reviewing repos which comment to confirm 3.5 support, but we will prioritize repos that have been in the queue for a longer period of time first.

If you wish to revoke your application, please comment accordingly so we can clean up the thread. If you need time to make changes, but are actively working on making updates, please also comment accordingly. Applications which do not see any activity within 1 month from today will be closed.

hello, I’ve updated and tested the cog on v3.5. this is to confirm that I’m ready for review.